Five Million Dollars For Yousra This Ramadan

15-06-2009 بقلم amr

Egyptian actress Yousra returns this Ramadan in a new series titled “Khas Jidan”. An astonishing number of five million dollars was credited for production between Egypt and Dubai.

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Egyptian actress Yousra is currently on a very strenuous work schedule as she finishes shooting the scenes of her upcoming series this Ramadan titled: Khas Jidan (Up Close and Personal). The show is a joint production between Dubai’s Media Association and Al Adl Group with which Yosra has been collaborating for the last 4 years.

In the story plot Yousra plays the role of Dr. Sherifa, a famous psychiatrist who works in two mental hospitals available in both Egypt and Dubai. Her time is consequently divided between both locations as she thrives to achieve a balance between her career and personal life. The cast includes Mahmoud Kabil, Izzat Abou Ouf, and Rajaa Al Gidawi. Actress Mona Zaki will appear as a guest star in some of the episodes.

Khas Jidan” is directed by Ghada Slim and will be exclusively broadcasted on Dubai TV during the holy month of Ramadan. As for the budget, a total number of 5 million dollars was credited making it one of the most expensive shows for the season.

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