Razan Al Moghrabi in Howa wa Hiya TV Show

20-01-2009 by farah
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"Howa wa Hiya” is a new social program that starts airing on MBC 1as of Saturday 10 January 2009. TV presenters Razan Al Moghrabi and Khaled Albariki will host the show alongside Dr. Nadia Altamimi. The program is based on the theme of men and women, on the striking differences between them. It shows the degree of natural and acquired differences between men and women, according to scientific tests conducted within or outside the studio. It tries to determine the true fact whilst denying or confirming the suspicions and doubts on the treated subject. The topics to be raised and addressed are: fashion, communication, time and space, married life, human body, intelligence, career, stages of life, five senses and passion.
Razan declared that she stands by the Arab woman in her just causes. She also said that the idea of the show has been haunting her for some time now, subsequent to the recent setback in claiming women’s rights. Having a background on the subject helped her contribute to the development of the idea as she had already hosted a similar program, "Make yourself at home”, however now she wanted to elaborate and take the matter more seriously.
The first episode will deal with the role of the submissive wife in a dominant male society worldwide, focusing on the abuse and terror that woman trying to claim their rights face.
Will “Howa wa Hiya” be another typical and traditional social Arabic program or will it stand out and break the boundaries of tradition?

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