Ahmar Bil Khat Al Arid Fights Back in Its 3rd Season

24-10-2009 by mayssoun
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Ahamar Bil khat Al Arid is back on LBC in its third season. The show is not being broadcasted to the Arab world because of the huge uproar that had happened in the Saudi society due to the appearance of the Saudi Mazen Abdul Jawad in the final episode of its second season entitled “sexual pleasures”, discussing and bragging about his illegal relationships and sex life. As a result, the offices of LBC had been sealed down in Jeddah and Riyadh, and Jawad had been sentenced to five years in prison and a thousand lashes, as we mentioned previously in an article on wikeez.
The viewers of the show expected that Malek Maktabi will try to justify or present a detailed response against the criticisms and the attacks that the show has received, especially that the theme of the episode was not announced. But that was not the case, the first episode of the third season focused on the positive aspects of the program and its healing ability. The episode had a before and after style, the guests were participants of previous episodes in which they had talked about the hardships of their lives and the difficulties that they have been experiencing. Whereas this time, they displayed the positive changes in their lives after their appearance on Ahamar Bil khat Al Arid and how the show has changed their lives for the best.
In details, the Episode evolved around the child Abdullah who had worked all his life to earn a living and now has returned to school. Amal and her three daughters, who used to sleep among the graves, now own a house. And around Simona who is now married after she had been sexually abused for 14 years. All this was displayed to emphasize the positive aspects of the program and its impact on the society.
Will the attempts of Malek Maktabi succeed to regain the status of the program and bring to an end all the rumors and accusations? Will the show be broadcasted in Saudi Arabia ever again? Malek’s next episode will be about aliens and whether they exist or not, obviously Malek is trying to be on the safe side by avoiding the hot dishes for the time being...Stay tuned to wikeez for more news about the show and other hit TV shows! Share your comments and opinion on Wikeez forum:

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