Ahmar Bil Khat Al Arid Another Law Suit On The Way?

05-11-2009 by mayssoun
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What if you were not the biological father of your own child? A question tackled by Malek Maktabi in the third episode of Ahmar Bil Khat Al Arid. Malek took the role of the American talk show host Jerry Springer; the guests of the show were people who are seeking to know the truth about their parentage.The Younis family wants to know if Rola Peppoloni is their daughter that they lost 20 years ago. And the two brothers, Rami and Sami who possess no ID, want to know if the man who lived with their mother for a long period of time is their father. The results were announced by Andre Mkarbane a Professor in genetic diseases. The Professor confirmed that the results are very accurate and that the Lab of the DNA tests has made several analyses so there will be no room for doubt. The results showed that Rola is the daughter of the Younis family and Rami is the son of the anonymous guest. But it also revealed that the anonymous guest (Hamza) is not Sami’s father. Sami was strongly shocked by the news since it crashed all his hopes of obtaining a normal life and his civil rights. But the real outrageous thing happened when Sahar, a relative of the Younis family,called and threatened to file a law suit against Malak and LBC because they did not do enough research about the case. The argument between Sahar and the Younis Family increased to the extent of using abusive language. Malek did not allow this kind of language in his show in the past, but this time he did not or failed to control the debate. Was it intended in order to captivate the viewers and restore the status of the show? Or there is a decline in Malek’s performance?
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