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Star Academy in its 7th season will be broadcast on LBC channel.
The 7th season teachers are: Khalil Abou Obeid, Fouad Fadel, Mary Mahfoud, Michel Fadel, Alissar Caracalla and Michel Jaber.
The academy is managed by Rola Saad.
The Students of the seventh season are:
Abdul Aziz from Kuwait
Aline from Lebanon
Asma from Tunisia
Badria from Tunisia
Basel from Jordan
Haitham from Saudi Arabia
Jack from Lebanon
Mahdi from Algeria
Mahmoud from Egypt
Miral from Syria
Mohammad Ali from Egypt
Mohammad Ramadan from Jordan
Nasif from Syria
Rahma from Iraq
Rami from Lebanon
Rania from Egypt
Rayan from Lebanon
Salwa from Morocco
Sultan from Saudi Arabia
Tahra from Morocco
Zeina from Syria

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