Pictures of “Fatma” Beren Saat’s Childhood

02-08-2012 by ruba

This is what Beren Saat looked like during her childhood…

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Turkish actress Beren Saat continues to enjoy great fame and popularity both in Turkey and the Arab wor

Beren Saat "Fatima" Prepares For Her Summer Wedding

12-07-2012 by angham

Beren Saat has started preparations for her summer wedding.

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After celebrating the end of the famous series "Fatima", Turkish star

Engin Akyurek Falls in Love with Amal Maher

22-06-2012 by ruba

Will Engin Akyurek and Amal Maher finally meet?

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Egyptian singer Amal Maher is preparing for a huge surprise in Eid Al Fitr, and it will be part of the

"Karim" Leaves "Fatma" for Fun in Cairo

28-05-2012 by angham

Engin Akyurek will be in Cairo next week!

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Turkish star Engin Akyurek, better known as "Karim" in the hit series "

Why Did Beren Saat Prefer "Karim" To "Mohannad"?

20-04-2012 by rola

Beren Saat made Mohannad jealous.

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Kivanc Tatlitug, known as Mohannad, and Engin Akyürek, known as Karim, met with

"Fatma" Fans Contest MBC Dubbing

18-04-2012 by rola

Many of "Fatma" scenes differ between the original YouTube episodes and the dubbed MBC episodes.

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After winning several awards, the series "Fatma", featuring



"Fatima" is a Turkish drama series.

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"Fatima" is a Turkish drama series shedding the light on a weak loophole in the Turkish criminal law that allows rapists to escape punishment if by marrying their victims for a year.

Pictures: Beren Saat and Kenan Doghlo at a Friend's Wedding

13-03-2012 by ruba

Beren Saat made her first official public appearance with her new boyfriend Kenan Doghlo at a friend's wedding.

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After the manager of Turkish singer Kenan Doghlo confirmed the news of the latter dating actress

Beren Saat's Success In "Fatima"

12-03-2012 by rola

Is Beren Saat's role as a vulnerable woman in "Fatima" suitable for her?

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Since its release on MBC, the new series "Fatima" has created controversy due to the Beren Saat's rape