14th prime: Surprising Moments that Brought Tears to Everyone

  23-05-2009 written by farah

The 14th prime was special indeed and one of the most successful in all seasons of star academy. It was dedicated to help children with cancer in St Jude's center and it included a number of singing segments and touchy emotional moments, not to mention that Lara and bash both got to remain in the academy.

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14th prime: Surprising Moments that Brought Tears to Everyone

The night began by a report about the prime being dedicated for children with cancer, the first shocker of the night was not the usual song "layli jina", however Bassma took the stage with a bunch of kids who backed her up vocally and bassma sang "atfal al arab", she got so emotional and cried and caused everyone else to cry even Hilda who came on stage with teary eyes.
The first guest to perform was Saber Al Ribai, he sang "bi basata" with Ibrahim and Michel. Then Michel sang "talou hbabna". The next report was about the nominees mistakes. Bash: he has tripped and committed a serious mistake at this stage. Lara is stronger in the prime than in her evaluations and her weaknesses have started to show. The nominees took the stage together and bash sang "Asamhak" while Lara sang "hips don't lie" with vitality. The second guest of the night was Lebanese origin superstar karl Wolf who sang "butterflies" with Bash. The upcoming surprise was Tania taking the stage with Tina Yamout from season 4 while singing "ghannili", then they were followed by a group consisting of one student from this season and one from the 5th season: Saad Ramadan, Michel, Abdel Aziz; Mirhan Hussein and Lara, Mostafa Mazhar and bash, Zaher Saleh and Ibrahim and last but not least Diaa Taybi and bassma.
The following report was about the student's visit to St Jude's children center. Saber Al ribai than sang his new song "Ala nar". Hilda then receives student representative Ibrahim who gave a touching speech. Bassma sings "shu abali" within a set including giant coffee cups, then a report featured every students giving a small speech directed to children with cancer, Lara and Bash than sang let it be with Carl Wolf on the piano.
The top 3 of the week are:
1- Ibrahim who is progressing steadily, he won a $2500 gift certificate and he donated the amount to St Jude's center
2- Abdel Aziz is on the run and rising
3- Michel has excelled in the past couple weeks, he has a charming voice as well as presence
Ibrahim performed in a charming colorful tableau and sang "Rijiit li" then a report about the children's dreams and ambitions. Hilda asked one of the children what was his dream and it was a very emotional moment when he replied "my dream is to get better".
Students from Star Academy 5 stormed the stage once more and they sag with the current candidates except for Bassma "Shu hilwi al hayat". Then Saber Al Ribai sang "Aglha ma indi" with Abdel Aziz, and Bassma concluded the evening as smoothly as it started by singing "ana khawfi ala awladi" amongst pictures of children, it is just to say that Bassma just shined during this prime. As everyone was waiting for the voting results, Roula Saad announced that both students will remain in the academy. The joy on the candidates faces as well as the public's was immense and Lara and Bash were just stunned, they all danced in a closed circle and although everyone was happy with Roula's decision we are nevertheless puzzled by it, why did she take such a decision and what will happen to all those millions of votes cast to their favorite nominee?
We hope that this prime was a reason behind a smile on a tough and persevering child's face and hopefully the donations will go to the center to help those kids with their dreams of having a fun healthy life come true.
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After the voting scandal of Celebrity Duets 2, do you still trust the results of Star cademy?

After the voting scandal of Celebrity Duets 2, do you still trust the results of Star cademy?

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