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Souad Hosni was born in Boulaq, Cairo, 26 January 1943. Her artistic career started as a young girl. She was discoevered for the cinema by Abdul Rahman Khamisi. She played many roles and was named the screen "Cinderella". She was married 3 times. She could sing and act. She was self-taught, and spoke English and French. She worked in television in the series "Houwa Wa Hiya". She won many awards for "Al Hob Allazi Kan", "Ghoroub Wa Shorooq", "Ayna Aqli", "Shafiqa Wa Metwally" and "Mawed Ala Al Aasha". She got sick and died under mysterious conditions June 21, 2001. Her best works are: "Saghira Ala Al Hob", "Al Qahira 30" and "Khalli Balak Men Zoozoo".

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