Haifa Wehbe’s Wedding: A Total Parade

23-04-2009 by amr

Superstar Haifa Wehbe’s wedding is expected to be a spectacular parade with 150 private planes and a cost that exceeds nine million dollars!

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t seems that superstar Haifa Wehbe’s marriage is not going to be as cosy as Haifa previously said but rather a bit more spectacular. According to some sources, the wedding cost will reach an astonishing 9 million dollars and even more depending on the changes that Haifa might request. The attendees are from many sectors of the Arab world and will arrive to Beirut city in an incredible number of around 150 private jets. As for the wedding ballroom at Biel downtown Beirut, the hall is ready by now and catered by an international cuisine with very high security measures taken to avoid intruders and spying reporters.
On the other hand, the same sources impressively spoke about major celebrity guests we are still not sure of their final attendance confirmation. From them we mention international sensation Enrique Iglesias who will be performing and Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama who will wed the couple as they make their way into the ballroom among the crowd.
Other important names expected to attend: Najwa Karam, Amr Diab, Fadel Shaker, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Ahlam, and even Nancy Ajram.
Note that it is confirmed by now that Elissa will not be attending due to her latest conflict with the bride.
Remember Haifa Wehbe’s wedding to Egyptian businessman Ahmad Abou Hashima will be taking place tomorrow April 24th at Biel ballroom in Beirut City.
Stay tuned for the more updates soon...

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