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Ghada Adel was born December 25, 1974 in Benghazi in Libya. Her father is Egyptian and her mother Syrian. She spent her childhood and her teenage in Libya where she graduated from the University of Carrions, faculty of commerce and economy. Her mother died when she was 4 years and she lived with her father and his wife. Ghada Adel is married to the producer and director Majdi Al Hawari who has discovered her talent and presented her as a new face in cinema. They have 2 daughters and two sons.
Her most known cinema films are: Al Watar, Khalij Nehme, Kalashnikov, Jaaltini Mojriman, Fi Shekkat Masr Al Jidida, Hamada Yalaab, Ial Habiba, Malaki Iskindiria, Al Basha Telmiz, 55Isaaf, Balia wedmaghou Al Aalia, Abboud Ala El Houdoud, Saidi Fi Al Jamaa Al Amerikia, Nasma Fi Mahab Al Rih, and her TV achievements are: Mabrouk Jalak Alaa, Wajh Al Kamar, Al Masrawiya, Kalb Mayt, Zizina in a speaking extra role.

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