Ghada Abdel Razek Threatens To Sue “Reklam” Producer

12-07-2011 by ruba

Ghada Abdel Razek has threatened to sue the producer of her movie “Reklam” for not sticking to the contract which they have agreed upon.

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Actress Ghada Abdel Razek has threatened to file a law suit against Media City, the producing company for her movie “Reklam”, which she had signed the contract for less than a month ago. She is suing them in case they did not abide the terms of the contract which include filming, production, payment of wages for the crew and preparing the sets. This came at the time when the company did not pay the wages and thus caused the disruption of the filming and many workers backed out in order to take part in other projects.
At the same time, the director of the production, Mohammad Al Qorshi, filed a note to the associations of film and drama, in which he calrified a problem created by the producing company and which threatened the work. He had performed the required tasks prior to the filming period, for around a month and a half, which was the time needed for preparations. The filming started on June 7th and lasted till June 20th. But he and his team were then taken by surprise because they were not being treated according to the terms of the contract. After taking all their plans and visions for the work, which include preparations and inspections, the producer changed the entire production crew without giving any reasons or explanations. He and his team were excluded without being informed of the reasons, and thus their financial rights and intellectual property rights were transgressed while overlooking the terms of the signed contract and agreement.

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