Elissa and Najwa Karam: Same Dress… But?!

05-06-2010 by amr

As reported lately by many news portals, Lebanese stars Elissa and Najwa Karam appeared wearing the same dress from Herve Leger Collections.

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Although it is not the first time we spot two popular stars wearing the same outfit, some portals insisted to make a fuss out of practically nothing. Here’s the story:
It was reported that Lebanese star Elissa is very mad at her fellow diva Najwa Karam after the latter chose to wear her same short sequined dress from Herve Leger Collections. The reports indicated that Elissa is not precisely mad at Najwa but at the designer "Herve" since he dared selling the same dress twice without taking into consideration Elissa’s crave to look unique at least in the Middle East.

The story of course is a total mess by itself and the following reasons will explain more:

1- The dress under discussion is from Herver Leger collections known internationally in its production of Ready-To-Wear garments solely. This makes it consequently not tailor-made but rather found in many copies inside high-end stores all over the world!
2- The brand name "Herve Leger" is only a trademark and not a designer’s name. The actual brand designer is the French-Tunisian Max Azria who reinvented the line back in 1997 after the withdrawal of Herve Leroux, the brand’s original founder.
3- Elissa appeared wearing this dress in her special photo session for Marie Claire magazine (UAE) 2 months ago, around the same time when Najwa showed up wrapped up in it at the Bassam Nehme fashion show. Therefore, Najwa had no intentions in imitating Elissa and the whole story is just an issue of mere coincidence!
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