New Details Emerge on Warda Al Jazairia's Death

18-05-2012 by ruba

Here are the latest details about Warda Al Jazairia'a death...

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The Algerian president has sent out a private jet to fly out Warda Al Jazairia’s body to her homeland, Algeria, today where she will be laid to rest.
Funeral prayers will be held this afternoon after the blessed Friday prayers at the Salah Al Manyal Mosque near Warda’s home where she passed away last night.
Our reporter in Cairo managed to get the initial medical report of the death of the Algerian star from the Cairo International Hospital, which affirms that the death was caused by a high rise in blood pressure which led to an arrest in heart functions.
Ayman Al Bahr Darwich has decided to hold a memorial service for the legendary icon after the funeral prayers, and then a number of artists will march from Warda’s house to the headquarters of the musician’s syndicate where the doors will be open for everybody to offer and receive condolences.
Several obstacles rose yesterday preventing the transfer of Warda’s body, among which the law which states that any private plane leaving Cairo needs a permit to take off again and only after 48 hours of landing, in addition to the autopsy which was to be performed on Warda’s body because she died in her house and not in the hospital.
However, stars and big figured intervened with the Egyptian authorities and made sure that the body flies out today with no autopsy or delay.
It’s noteworthy here that as soon as the news of Warda Al Jazairia’s death spread out, many artists headed to her house where she died to offer support to her family, including Salah Al Charnoubi, Sherine Abdel Wahab and her husband, the composer Mohammad Mostafa, singer Angham, actresses Nabila Obeid and Fifi Abdou who left the set of “Keed Al Nisaa 2” and went to her house upon hearing the devastating news.

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