Is Haifa Wehbe Facing Jail Time?

19-05-2009 by farah

The moment Haifa Wehbe's movie hit theaters, a lawsuit was slapped her in the face accusing her of disdaining the Islamic religion

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It seems that Haifa Wehbe's first acting experience will not pass unnoticed and has been facing some trouble, the latest being very serious. According to "Al Ittihad" newspaper, Egyptian lawyer Nabih al Wahesh has filed a complaint to the district attorney of Egypt demanding that Dokan Shehata be banned from screening. Al Wahesh pointed out in his complaint that Haifa's scenes are indecent and that she has disdained Islam. He also described Khaled Youssef as being a Director of nudity and sex and that he defends the hungry using obscene means. He added that Youssef refused to edit inappropriate scenes that are offensive to Islam. The lawyer therefore requested that the defendants be investigated and questioned for spreading obscenity and incitement to immorality and debauchery. He insisted that the movie should stop screening in theaters until it has been properly edited. Al wahesh referred to article 269 of penal codes which punishes all those who incite acts of immorality or debauchery with 6 months imprisonment, and according to article 278, a blatant act is punishable by one year imprisonment. Al Wahesh stated that Haifa's insult against the Imams will put her at rist of a one year imprisonment according to article 98. Has Haifa offended Islam and what will become of her and her movie? Share with us your thoughts on wikeez forum.

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