Maestro Elie Al Alya Runs To The Rescue of Arab Idol

02-02-2012 written by mayssoun

Maestro Elie Elie Al Alya the new hero of Arab Idol!

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Maestro Elie Al Alya Runs To The Rescue of Arab Idol

Finally, a solution for the terrible music at Arab Idol! The famous Lebanese maestro ELie AL Alya will be leading the live show this week…now this is great news!
After spending more than 20 years in live entertainment shows with the famous director Simon Asmar, not to forget managing the bands of Wael Kfoury, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Majida EL Roumi and many others, it seems that MBC had found in the famous maestro the final breath to grab the show up from its down fall.
Saber Al Ribai left Arab Idol mad last week, so why risk it with Sherine Abdel Wahab this week since she is the guest star on Saturday?
Here it is a must to say that finally our weekly comments about the terrible music at Arab Idol made a change…we were only concerned about the ten finalists who we are voting for, and who are being blamed for not following up with the musicians while the opposite was the only truth.
Go go Maestro!

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