Details Of The Second Episode Of Arab Idol

17-12-2011 written by mayssoun

Read below more details about the second epidoe of Arab Idol.

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Details Of The Second Episode Of Arab Idol

After the first episode of Arab Idol aired last week on MBC and LBC, the talent show started instantly gaining public success all around the Arab world.

The judges of Arab Idol, Ahlam, Ragheb Alama and Hassan Al Shafei seem to be doing a great job picking the best talents that ever showed up during the casting tours. Till now they seem to be fair and considerate specially with the candidates who posses promising talents, but who are having a hard time standing in front of a jury with cameras surrounding them everywhere.

On the other hand, what looked like mocking many of the talent lacking candidates last week, continued with the judges this week, till it became endless humor and laughing; Ragheb teared several times, and Hasssan had to hide his face with a piece of paper.

All in all this week revealed many new talents in Arab Idol and they are as follows:
Morocco: Iman Karkibo.
Iraq: Mohammad Shehab.
Jordan: Hani Dobayt, Youssef Khaled.
Tunisia: Ghofran Ftouhy, Inas Sokhaimi, Hassan Kharbash.
Syria: Shady Hani.
Palestine: Nathalie Mhanna.
Egypt: Carmen Issam (Ahlam stood up and clapped for her).

Tell us what you think of the new talents of this week, and here are some pictures of last week’s candidates.

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