The Second Live Show Of Arab Idol In Pictures

08-02-2012 written by mayssoun

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The Second Live Show Of Arab Idol In Pictures

The second live show of Arab Idol aired this Friday, where every candidate tried to give his all to gain the vote of the Arab audience. The candidates were supposed to sing for their idols this week, so their performances went as follows:
-Iraqi Mohammad Al Alwan sang “Ha Habibi” for Kazem El Saher. The judges were not happy with his performance and agreed that he could have given much better than this. He failed to begin and end the statements correctly, which was a big disappointment for everyone.
-Syrian Nadia Al Manfoukh sang “Dibna Aa Ghyabak” for George Wassouf. She was strong and confident as usual, and gained positive reviews from the judges. Ahlam asked Nadia to raise her voice and to use her full potentials next time.
-Tunisian Sherine Al Lajmi sang for Sherine Abdel Wahhab “Ala Bali”. Sherine was week and reluctant on air, and she received a harsh comment from Hasan AL Shafie who told her “You don’t look or sound like Sherine Abdel Wahhab anymore…you were bad”.
-Saudi Mohammad Taher sang “Tahakkak Monaya” for Rashed AL Majid. He was one of the best candidates in this live show, and grossed smiling faces and clapping hands from the judges.
-Egyptian Carmen Suleiman sang for Mohammad Abdo “Leila”. Carmen was more than great which pushed Ahlam to tell here: “You are a Khaliji singer…you were great”, and Ragheb Alama Couldn’t stop himself from pointing at her age saying this is a master piece for a 17 year old young woman.
-Tunisian Hasan Kharbash picked a young star, Rami Ayyach and sang “Baheb EL Nas El Rayaa”. Hasan who has been weak in the first shows seemed confident and doing much better this time. The judges loved his progress and pushed him for more hard work.
-Moroccan Ghofran Al Ftouhi sang for Adam “Ala Bali Ektob Ghneyeh”. She was swinging between good, fair and bad all through her 3 minute performance, which puzzled the judges as well as the audience. No clear reviews were grasped from the jury thus her performance was left neutral.
-Moroccan Donya Botma had the most difficult choice; she picked Om Kolsoum and sang “Daret El Ayyam”. She was stunning and Ahlam couldn’t put stand up for her once again implying to everyone that she is the Arab idol for this year.

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The Second Live Show Of Arab Idol In Pictures
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The Second Live Show Of Arab Idol In Pictures
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The Second Live Show Of Arab Idol In Pictures
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The Second Live Show Of Arab Idol In Pictures
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