Arab Idol Results Competition

04-03-2012 written by mayssoun

Who will leave us tonight in Arab Idol?

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Arab Idol Results Competition

It’s the candidates destiny episode. who will get the lowest votes and leave?
As usual Abdallah Al Talhi and Anabella Hilal welcomed the committe and the participants.
Elissa with her black dress, expressed about her pleasure in participating in this episode.A beautiful medly for Elissa was performed by the participants at the begining of the show where Caren Sleiman sang " 3abali ", Mohmmad Taher " 3ayshalak, " Nadia El Manfoukh " irja3 lil sho2 ", Yousef Arafat " hobbak waja3 " and Donia Batma " law ta3rafou".
As we all noticed how Elissa was unconfident while singing her song " betmoun" were as she was totally relaxed in performing her second song " law ta3rafou" for practicing it better with the band.
"Batwanes beek" was performed for the first time from the participants with a new composing. Before annoucing the results, eveyone and especially the competitors were nervous and stressful, Mohamad Taher and Carmen Sleiman got the lowest votes but Carmen got more votes from Mohamad and joined again her freinds!
Finally Mohamad Taher sang a song for Rashed El Majed infront of the committee eventhough he didnt want to stay in the program and decided to go back to KSA which was also the committee decision after a long argument.

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Arab Idol Results Competition
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